An In- Home Assessment by Your Local Home Care Agency Can Point Out Safety Issues in the Home

Aging brings with it not only mobility issues, but an increased susceptibility to falling and sustaining severe injuries. This means that it is absolutely critical that your aging loved ones live in a home that is as free from hazards as possible. It can be very difficult for you to detect the potential safety hazards in your parents’ home because you are so accustomed to that home. It is likely that your parents of lived in that home for the majority of your life, if not your entire life, and you are so used to the surroundings that you may not notice things that could pose a serious danger to your parents on a daily basis. This doesn’t mean that your negligence, or that you don’t care about the safety of your parents, it simply means that you are so used to your parents’ home in the way that you have navigated it over the years, that it may not occur to you that simple things that you just consider part of their home may be dangerous.

An in-home assessment by a local home care agency can be extremely enlightening in pointing out the safety hazards in your parents’ home. If you have noticed that your parents are coping with mobility or cognitive issues and you are concerned about their safety, or they insist on remaining at home throughout the course of their life, strongly consider having such an assessment done. During this assessment the home care agency will come into your parents’ home and evaluate it for its safety and usability. The representatives of the agency will point out to you in the areas of concern, and offer suggestions for how to modify these potential hazards to make the home safer and more functional for your parents.

Some of the things that a home care agency might notice during an in-home assessment include:

  • Furniture that is arranged in such a way that makes it difficult to get through the home
  • A bathroom that is not properly outfitted with slip resistant materials and handrails
  • Banisters that are not secure
  • Sidewalks and other walkways that are uneven
  • Porches and front steps that are not in good condition
  • Appliances that are not in good working order or that can be easily turned on accidentally
  • A lack of security measures such as locks or window bars
  • A lack of a home security system that includes monitoring

Having such an assessment will allow you to modify your parents’ home so that it is safe as possible, allowing them to remain in these surroundings throughout their lives. An in-home assessment by a home care agency can also be a fantastic start to a home care companion relationship. This assessment will allow the companion to get familiar with the home as well as with your parents.

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Activities that Home Care Companions Can Do with Seniors to Keep Them Happy and Healthy in Gilbert, AZ

There is an important distinction that needs to be made in regards to elder care. Home care companions are not nurses. This means that they are not around to keep your senior loved one tucked in their bed when they will occasionally be visited for vital signs to be taken and medication to be handed over. Quite the opposition, home care companions are there to make sure that your loved ones are living the happiest, most energetic, and healthiest life but they possibly can. This means, of course, taking care physical need such as bathing, dressing, grooming, nutritional support, and medication reminders, but they’re far more benefits to having a home care companion.

A home care companion is just what their title suggests, a companion. This means that she is there to offer emotional support, friendship, and anything that your seniors need in order to enjoy a high quality of life. One thing that a qualified and dedicated home care companion will do is plan fun activities to do with seniors that will keep their minds active and their bodies healthy. Filling their days with activities will give your senior loved ones more productive and happier lives.

Some of the fun activities that your home care companion can do with your loved one include:


Making a scrapbook is one of the most wonderful ways to encourage a senior to remember their lives and record their happiest memories. A scrapbook is a lasting way to recall the accomplishments, memories, and legacy of a senior. With your help, a home care companion can gather photographs, letters, and any other mementos that can be included in a scrapbook that will give your senior the opportunity to share stories and relive the happiest times in her life.


If your senior once loved cooking but is now unable to prepare her own meals, she may greatly miss this activity. Home care companion can prepare meals and snacks with a senior so that she can continue to enjoy the activity of cooking while remaining safe. This is also a chance for home care companion to introduce lighter and better balanced nutrition than your senior may be used to. Good nutrition is key to health and well-being, and making your senior a part of the meal preparation will make them feel good about themselves and their independence.

Physical Activity

Many seniors with mobility issues feel that they are no longer capable of participating in any form of physical activity. Much to the opposite, even seniors with serious mobility issues can enjoy activities on a daily basis. This is fantastic for physical and emotional health, and can stave off medical concerns and lead to a happier, healthier, and longer life. A home care companion can bring a senior out for walks, bring them to senior exercise classes, or even just help them with exercises and activities right there own home. By making it fun, and home care companion make physical activity something that your senior will look forward to.

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Considering Home Care in Chandler, AZ after Visiting Aging Parents During the Holidays? What You Should Know

The holidays are such a bright and joyous time. You welcome your loved ones into your home, or visit them at their homes, and reconnect over the warm feelings and happiness that this season bring. The holidays, however, can also act as a magnifying glass through which the physical, cognitive, and medical needs of your aging loved ones can become incredibly obvious. Suddenly they are able to celebrate in the way that they once did. Maybe you noticed that they aren’t as actively participating in family traditions. Maybe your mother isn’t preparing the elaborate meal or a favorite dessert that she has every year. Maybe your father isn’t on the floor playing with the children, or outside arranging a family football game. Whatever it is that makes you feel that your parents need additional help, it is important that you don’t hesitate to get this help in place.

If you are considering home care after visiting your aging parents during the holidays, calling an agency for more information can help your mind at ease. The agency can offer you all the information that you need to make a confident and loving decision regarding the assistance of your parents. Here are some things that you should know about arranging home care for your aging parents:

• There is no one type of home care. That is the beauty of home care. It is absolutely personalized to the individual senior. Your parents will receive the level of care that they need, in the way that they need, and nothing else.

• A home care companion is not a nurse. She is not there to keep your parents constricted to bed or provide medical assistance and nothing else. She is there to be a companion.

• The companion means that she is there to encourage a productive, healthy, and happy life. She will help your parents run errands, take them on outings, help keep their house neat, do laundry, help prepare meals, play games, basically she will do whatever your parents need in order to feel comfortable and happy.

• Home care is an ideal complement to care that is provided by family members. A Home care companion can be there for just a couple of hours a day a few days a week if that’s all you need. You can also hire a live-in caregiver to provide assistance to your parents 24 hours a day seven days a week.

What’s really important to remember about home care for your aging parents is that through this type of care you are ensuring that your parents will be safe, happy, and healthy even if you are not available to be there all the time.

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Does Your Aging Loved One Need Elder Care? Home Care in Sun City West, AZ Can Help

It can be hard to watch as your vital, energetic parent ages and gradually needs more help with day-to-day living or with managing health concerns. When you start noticing changes, however, it is time for you to come together with your loved one to devise a care plan. Keeping your parent involved to the extent that he is capable will ensure that he feels in control and that you are aware of his wishes. You may be surprised learning your parent’s opinions about his own continued care, so it is important that you remain open to his opinions and willing to respect them as much as possible.

If you notice that your parent is experiencing any of the following, it may be time to consider a home elder care arrangement:

• An injury due to a fall or other accident and needs help during his recovery

• Mobility issues, particularly when going through daily activities such as getting out of bed, bathing, or walking

• Cognitive or memory problems that have become troublesome

• Regular non-compliance with his doctor’s medication or other treatment plan

• Sudden, unexplained weight loss

• Sudden lack of social involvement or an uncharacteristic change in personality

Home elder care does not have to be a permanent solution. Just because your parent reaches a particular age or has been diagnosed with a certain medical condition doesn’t mean that he can’t live a vibrant and productive life. Recovering from an illness or injury can be more difficult in older adults, however, and having a home care companion can make this recovering faster, easier, and more effective.

If you know that your aging parent needs permanent care but also know that he doesn’t want to go to an assisted living or nursing care facility, home elder care can provide you peace of mind. You want the absolute best for your elderly loved one, and home care agencies know this. They are dedicated to providing attentive, compassionate, and supportive care that goes far beyond just ensuring that your loved one takes his medication. For those that are coping with the effects of aging, the value of companionship should never be underestimated.

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Getting Mom and Dad to Accept In-Home Care Services in Paradise Valley, AZ

After discussing with your siblings, you have all decided that it would be best to hire a home care companion for your parents. However, Mom and Dad really are not interested in this type of situation, so you’ll have to convince them of its real and true benefits.

Part of the reason why your parents might not want this arrangement to occur is because they are afraid of losing control. You want them to see that they are actually still in control of the situation, and the way to accomplish this goal is to ask them to lead the interviews. Ask your top choices for home care companions to come over to your parents’ home, so they can ask the professionals in the field any questions that they would like. Yes, you should feel comfortable with the person. However, it’s extremely important that your parent or parents do too.

It would also be an intelligent idea to have a trail session. Ask your parents if they would prefer you to stay or leave during this trial, and abide by their wishes. In the event that they want you to stay, be natural but give the two of them space to get to know one another. Your Mom and/or Dad will see that the individual is really there to help them.

During this trial, or on your own, show your parents how the companions can really be of service. For example, Mom might call you up one day to ask if you can drive her to the store. You have to take the kids to soccer practice though, so this is an excellent time to suggest a companion. Such a companion would be able to drive your mother to the shop. Do not use this as a scolding opportunity or an “I told you so” moment; simply suggest the idea to her.

You also want to let your parents know that they have choices in the matter. In addition to picking out the person with whom they would like to spend time, parents can also discuss when they would like the companion to arrive and leave for the day. Some companions might be living with your parents, so Mom and Dad can choose a private space for the companion to sleep and to keep her personal belongings. You want to set up both a professional and comfortable environment in the home so that everyone is happy.

When researching options for in-home care services in Paradise Valley, AZ call us at (480) 535-6800. Home care counselors at Endeavor Home Care are available to talk with you about your in-home care services including how to reduce caregiver stress while providing better, affordable care. We are an elder care agency providing in-home care services in Paradise Valley, AZ.

Home Care in Sun City, AZ Provides Safety and Care Following a Stroke

Home care for patients released from the hospital following a stroke, will provide numerous benefits for the client and their family. Home care companions can play a prominent role in the recovery process, which will promote a positive outcome. The effects of a stroke depend on the amount of brain damage. The goal following a stroke is always to regain lost skills and functions. Some people are able to return to their normal life and go back to work. Other people may have permanent impairments, and the home care companion will plan care that will help the patient to regain as many skills as possible.

A home care companion will organize other caregivers to provide a team effort to quickly begin the patient’s recovery process. Almost all stroke patients require physical therapy, and it is usually started immediately.

Safety is an important consideration for a stroke patient. If a patient has weakness or paralysis on one side of their body, then some type of medical equipment will be necessary. This may be a wheel chair, a walker or a cane. Sometimes doorways must be widened for a wheelchair or the doorway itself may need to be removed. When someone is unsteady in their gait tripping hazards must be removed, such as throw rugs and electrical cords. Sometimes furniture must be re-arranged. The patient should always wear non-skid shoes. A home health companion will do a full safety assessment of the patient’s home.

Bath room safety is another important issue. A bathtub chair, bench or rails for the bathtub and toilet may be necessary.

Some patients may have difficulty swallowing. In this case, food must be cut in small bite size pieces or in some case pureed. Nutrition is important, so the home health care companion will assist the patient with food choices that are also nutritious.

The home care companion may also assist with other activities, which include:

• Assisting with medication reminders

• Providing help with activities of daily living

• Providing transportation to the doctor or doing other errands

• Providing the patient with emotional support

• Organizing the daily routines, which involve other caregivers, such as physical therapists

Some stroke patients are unable to speak clearly or not at all following a stroke. A speech therapist is necessary and the home care companion will assist the patients in effect ways to communicate. They will provide the patient with emotional support for this frustrating stroke complication.

Incontinence may also be a problem. There are many products available for a patient with this problem. Comfort is another aspect of patient care. The home health care companion may suggest gel seat cushions, mattresses and bed wedges to assist in positioning the patient. Preventing skin breakdown by using correct body alignment is another priority. The home health companion will fully develop a plan of recovery that provides the best care for the patient.

When researching options for home care agencies in Sun City, AZ call us at (480) 535-6800. Home care counselors at Endeavor Home Care are available to talk with you about your home care needs including how to reduce caregiver stress while providing better, affordable care. We are an elder care agency providing home care in Sun City, AZ.

Should Our Family Try Live-In Home Care For Our Aging Family Member in Fountain Hills, AZ?

Live-in home care gives families the peace of mind of being able to care for their loved one at home. Nursing homes can be lonely for the elderly. Hiring a live-in home care assistant is an easy alternative to putting a loved one in a nursing home. Having live-in home care allows families to continue with their normal life by leaving time to work or run errands and still have their loved one living with them or independently.

Some benefits of live-in home care include:

Personal care- The staff at a nursing home is responsible for a large number of patients and a loved one may feel uncared for or neglected. A live-in home care assistant will be able to focus solely on the aging adult and meet all of their medical and physical needs. Families will be able to discuss their loved one’s condition with a trained professional. Together families will best decide on the best care plan.

Peace of mind- The cases of elder abuse at nursing homes are on the rise. Sadly, some cases of neglect or abuse may go unnoticed because of long gaps between visits. With an in home care assistant, families have the peace of mind of monitoring the care their loved one is receiving.

Keeping family unit intact- Parents were instrumental in caring for us while we were growing up. Most adult children do not want their aging parents to feel abandoned in their twilight years. Caring for their loved one at home allows them to keep their family together. Grandchildren will appreciate being able to see their grandparents regularly and seniors will continue to feel as though they are a valued member of the family.

Cost effective- Nursing homes can charge up to four figures a month and then there are still other miscellaneous costs which can increase the bottom line. With home care families are able to determine how long and how often the companion works. Therefore, families are in complete control of the costs of care. They may even end up saving money every month.

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My Mother’s Physician Told Her That It’s Time to Stop Driving. Will In-Home Care Services in Mesa, AZ Help with Transportation?

There may come a point in time when a senior citizen is told by their physician that they can longer operate a vehicle.

There are plenty of reasons as to why this may happen, especially if the senior citizen has been losing their vision or if they are suffering from a condition that makes it difficult to drive a car in the first place. Instead of risking an accident, it may be in the best interest of the individual to simply give up driving for good. If your mother’s physician has recently told her that she will no longer be able to drive, she may be upset. However, she does have several options.

In-home care services can help your mother with her different tasks. Regardless of where she needs to go, an in-home care assistant can take her to those places with no problem.

There is a huge difference between a taxi service and transportation that comes from the in-home care services.

While a taxi takes a person to and from their destination for a fee, the in-home care will help your mother to get ready for the day. If she has an appointment that she needs to go to, she will be taken to that appointment, and the in-home care assistant will stay with her the entire time. These transportation services are not just designed to take her to appointments. In fact, if she needs to go to the bank or simply wants to head on over to the mall, the assistant will take here wherever she wants to go. Most importantly, she will never have to go to any of these different places on her own anymore.

In-home care is all about making life easier for senior citizens who could use the extra assistance. Your mother may be hesitant about this type of service at first, especially if she has been driving on her own for quite a while now. However, she will eventually get used to receiving the assistance, and she may even build a friendship with her in-home care assistant, which is something that frequently happens.

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November is National Family Caregivers Month – Time to Celebrate Family Caregivers in Scottsdale, AZ!

In the United States, there are 65 million unsung heroes. These heroes take care of the sick and disabled. They do this not for money or recognition but for love. These heroes are family caregivers, and November is their month to shine.

During Thanksgiving week in 1994, a celebration began to recognize these hard-working, dedicated family members who care for their loved ones nonstop. Then, in 1997, President Clinton signed a bill proclaiming the entire month of November as National Family Caregivers Month. This tradition has been carried out every year since then to salute these courageous and important members of any patient’s healthcare team.

A family caregiver is of the utmost importance when it comes to their loved one’s care. He or she spends the most time with a patient, ensuring treatments and medicines are carried out as needed. The caregiver also acts as an advocate for his or her charge, being in the best position to know what is best for the patient. After all, this person is not just another patient. This person is someone he or she loves.

In recognition of these home-front heroes, the month of November is dedicated to them. During this time of celebration, awareness of caregiver issues is highlighted. It is also a time of educational opportunities, not only for the caregiver but also for the public. And providing support for these vital members of a person’s healthcare team is of key importance. They are made aware that they are not alone, but there are millions just like them in this country going through many of the same issues and trials.

Most people in the United States know at least one family caregiver, if not more. These kind, dedicated, and loving people give there all year round to take care of their loved ones. During the month of November, be sure to give a pat on the back or a round of applause to these unsung heroes who work day and night to care for, protect, and love their sick or disabled family members. They have most definitely earned the praise and recognition.

When researching options for caregiver agencies in Scottsdale, AZ call us at (480) 535-6800. Home care counselors at Endeavor Home Care are available to talk with you about your in-home care needs including how to reduce caregiver stress while providing better, affordable care. We are an elder care agency providing home care in Scottsdale, AZ.

Senior Care in Phoenix, AZ: Show Aging Relatives That We Are Thankful for Them

November is Be Thankful Month.

What a great time to show aging family members that we are thankful for them. Many times, older people feel that they have outlived their usefulness. We need to let them know that they are vital members of the family and still have a purpose.

As people age, they face many losses.

They lose friends and family members to death, begin to have physical limitations and sometimes have severe financial problems. In the face of these problems, they need to know they are still the backbone of their families, and that family members are thankful to have them.

We can show our thanks by spending time with them and reminding them of the roles they play in family dynamics. They are the caretakers of family histories. We can appreciate their wisdom even if the stories are repeated over and over. They have lived many years and have a perspective that we do not have yet. Honor and reflect on their opinions. We need to listen with our hearts as well as our minds and find what is important to them.

Loneliness is an unpleasant fact for many seniors.

We can show them that we are thankful for them by involving them in the lives of our families. Most grandparents are interested in their grandchildren’s activities and are anxious to be involved. We can encourage our children to honor and appreciate their grandparents. Even if we do not live close, a weekly phone call or letter means the world to them. They want to know that we value them enough to share our experiences with them.

Keys to a happy life are a sense of purpose and an attitude of thankfulness.

Seniors can be helped to retain these qualities with our support, love and expressions of gratitude for everything they have given us. Even if they are not physically or mentally able to do what they once did, we can assure them that they are still very important to the structure of the family. The older generation has much to teach us if we take time from our busy lives to listen.

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