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Dementia is a group of symptoms that affect someone’s ability to function as they used to. There are many symptoms that may indicate someone suffers from dementia. Here are a few.

Memory loss

The average human experiences a certain extent of memory loss as they grow older. However, dementia may be a concern for someone who is suffering from more extreme memory loss, such as forgetting how to do something they once did on a daily basis.

Motor coordination

Another common symptom of dementia includes difficulties with motor coordination. This can include basic everyday activities like getting out of bed, reaching for a glass of water, and walking from one destination to the next.

While these can be symptoms of dementia, they do not directly indicate that someone may have dementia. There are many other factors to consider when diagnosing someone with dementia and talking with a doctor is a great first place to begin this discussion.

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Caring for aging loved ones is a part of many family’s lives. And although it may seem like a natural skill, caring for elder adults can come with some challenges. Here are some tips on how to care for aging loved ones in your life.

Show compassion

If your loved one is having a difficult time accepting the fact they need some assistance in their life, be considerate of their feelings and make sure they know you care for their wellbeing. Ask questions about what they may be struggling with and try to find a solution that works for the two of you.

Create a schedule

It’s normal for elderly have difficulties with memory loss and other cognitive skills, so providing assistance in the form of a schedule may be tremendous help. If you notice that your loved one is forgetting about important events, offer to help create a schedule or calendar. It’s the little things that you can do that make the most difference in their lives.

Seek professional assistance

If you live far away or have a demanding schedule, it may be worth considering seeking outside help. An in-home senior care service, like Endeavor In-Home Care, is a great way to ensure your loved ones are enjoying their lives to the fullest potential.

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As symptoms of Alzheimer’s worsen over time, you, as a caregiver or family member, might find it difficult to entertain and connect with your loved one. However, activities for Alzheimer’s patients should not serve to pass time as much as they should be to stir memories, encourage self-expression, and bring about a sense of well-being without being overly difficult. Remember, the goal of these activities isn’t completion but enjoyment!

Peaceful activities like arts and crafts activities such as coloring, painting, knitting, and Playdoh allow the patient to converse while he or she colors or molds. Colorful puzzles and light household chores like folding and dusting are simple but come with a sense of accomplishment. Also, cooking and eating a familiar favorite recipe is sure to stir old memories. Singing songs from your loved one’s adolescence is sure to cheer them up—you’ll be surprised at how much they remember.

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