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Dementia can be a difficult diagnosis for both the patient and their loved ones. What can be more difficult is the understanding that dementia is typically the result of several symptoms from another disease. When faced with these multiple diagnoses, it’s important to not lose hope, and, if you have it, lean on your in-home care services as well as family and friends.

Memory Loss and Changes

Memory loss, and the effects associated with it, can be a collection of early warning signs. You might notice your loved one having difficulty remembering something that happened just a few minutes or days before. He or she might forget a task from their daily routine, or struggle to find the right word in a conversation. Occasional memory loss is not an automatic diagnosis of dementia, but the collection of symptoms that impair their everyday function might be grounds for a dementia diagnosis.

Mood Changes

Another sign of dementia are frequent mood changes, a personality change, or even a loss of emotion. A change in mood, such as suffering from depression, is common in early dementia. Loved ones or the caregivers from elderly home care are more likely to notice depression or other mood changes, rather than the one suffering from it. This would also be true for a personality change or apathetic outlook on normal activities. Dementia can affect judgment, so personality shifts might be very noticeable.

Difficulty with Simple Tasks

If you or your loved one is having difficulty performing simple, routine tasks, you might have an early sign of dementia. If you’ve played a difficult board game regularly and notice you’re struggling to remember the rules frequently, this could be a sign. Consult your doctor to learn more about dementia and other possibilities for memory loss and mood changes.

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professional home care services

Sometimes loved ones have busy lives, or they live too far away to give regular attention and aid. Home care and elderly companion care may be the solution you need. Whether your loved one needs regular assistance—such as transportation, medication reminders, or shower assistance—or they’re more in need of a friend and kind listener to engage in hobbies together, consider senior companion care. A companion might be as involved as giving in-home assistance, or they might come for a few hours a day or week. You and your loved one will be evaluated to determine the right companionship care needed in accordance with your budget.

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Preserving your health as you grow older is easier with senior in-home care. A home care assistant can help you with your oral hygiene if you experience dexterity issues. Brushing at least twice daily and flossing at least once daily can help reduce your risk of periodontal disease and tooth decay.

You can learn how tooth decay develops by watching this brief video presented by the American Dental Association (ADA). This dentist also explains how old dental restorations may contribute to plaque buildup and tooth decay.

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Elder Care Services

Alzheimer’s disease gradually robs a patient of his or her physical and mental capacities, but it also has a significant effect on the patient’s family. It can be difficult for families to provide the level of home care assistance that their loved one needs, but it’s also emotionally challenging to make the decision to move the patient to a long-term care facility. Fortunately, families can work with a senior in-home care agency to arrange memory care services directly in their loved one’s home.

Physical Appearance

One of the indicators that your loved one could benefit from some extra help around the home is the deterioration of his or her physical appearance. You might notice that your loved one wears the same clothes from day to day, appears to have neglected bathing, or has uncombed hair. Your loved one may display weight loss if he or she has trouble preparing meals or if he or she forgets to eat regularly.

Home Environment

You can evaluate your loved one’s home to consider whether it’s time to talk to an in-home care agency. Your loved one may have trouble keeping up with the housework or laundry. Dirty dishes may lie in the sink for days or you might notice that the dishes in the cabinets are not clean. Another indicator that your loved one may be affected by dementia is his or her tendency to hoard items. He or she may refuse to throw out trash or you might notice that your loved one has purchased an unreasonable amount of a specific item.

Safety Concerns

Safety concerns are often a significant factor in making the decision to arrange for home care assistance. If your loved one has wandered away from home and gotten lost, he or she could benefit from the watchful eye of a trained caregiver.

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