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Is one of your parents experiencing significant memory loss? It can be emotionally difficult to deal with a parent’s memory loss, which may result from conditions requiring in-home assistance or hospitalization. However, it can often be even more challenging for children to understand their grandparent’s condition. Read on for information about talking to your kids about their grandparent’s memory loss.

Be Honest

Be honest with your children about their grandparent’s condition, and refrain from sugarcoating the situation or offering hope that your parent will improve. Instead, try to give your children a brief summary of what is going on in your parent’s brain. Your child will likely have many questions. They may be worried that the disease is contagious or that you will also develop memory loss. Be patient and firm with your answers, and let your child know that although things are different, they will still be okay.

Be Supportive

Children may react to a grandparent’s memory loss in a variety of ways. Understand that your child may react in what seems to be an irrational way, and give your child support when needed. Most importantly, provide them with a safe space to express their feelings and let them know that what they are feeling may seem confusing, but is totally normal.

Spend Time Together

During this time of confusion, it’s a good idea to spend time together as a family when possible. Do activities that help your child take his or her mind off of the situation while also making him or her feel safe and loved. You could go for a walk together after visiting their grandparent at the hospital, read a book together, or draw a family tree to celebrate their grandparent’s history.

If your elderly parents are experiencing memory loss, they may need in-home assistance in Mesa, AZ. Home care assistance can provide you with some extra time to help your children cope with their grandparents’ memory loss. Call Endeavor Senior In-Home care today at 877-584-6162 for more information.


Alzheimer’s disease can cause severe memory loss. Those with Alzheimer’s disease often need in-home care in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Some scientists believe that there is a link between what you eat and your risk of developing Alzheimer’s. Will you change your diet to lower your risk of Alzheimer’s?

Watch this video for more information about the link between diet and Alzheimer’s. The video describes how a combination of the Mediterranean diet and the D.A.S.H. diet has been termed the “Mind” diet. This diet consists of whole grains, vegetables, and berries, as well as beans, fish, and poultry. Red meats, cheese, and sweets are limited or eliminated in the Mind diet.

In-home care in Mesa, AZ, can help elderly people cope with memory loss and provide necessary services. Call Endeavor In-Home Senior Care today at (877) 584-6162 for more information about home care assistance and elderly in-home care.


Elder Care Services

Companion care is a form of senior in-home assistance that allows an older person to maintain their independence while having valuable assistance with tasks that may be difficult for them. For example, a home care assistance companion may take care of grocery shopping and meal preparation to ensure that the older individual is eating healthily and heartily. An elderly companion can also perform light cleaning around the house that can be too physically demanding for older individuals.

Elderly companion services are great for those whose in-home care needs are basic. And they’re called “companion” services for a reason. An in-home care companion can help elderly individuals socialize with their friends by providing transportation and activity suggestions. They can also participate in craft creation and other hobbies that the elderly person may miss out on when he or she is alone.

Do you know someone who could benefit from in-home assistance near Phoenix, AZ? Endeavor Senior In-Home Care’s elderly companion services are a great option for older individuals who want to retain their independence. Call (877) 584-6162 to learn more about hiring an elderly companion.


Proper nutrition is important for everyone, but seniors may not have the correct nutritional habits they should. Adult children might have an incorrect understanding on what their elderly parents truly need to be healthy. There are many factors in senior nutrition, and hiring in-home care can help put your mind at ease.

In-home assistance might be the choice for your elderly loved one to receive the proper nutrients they desperately need. Home care assistance can see that they are receiving their proper portions of folic acid, B12, and vitamins C and D. Watch the following video for more information on proper senior nutrition.

Endeavor Senior In-Home Care is here to help give your loved ones the best in-home care in Mesa, AZ. We want to put your mind at ease. Call us at (877) 584-6162 for more information.


In-Home Care by Endeavor

You may suspect it is time to hire an in-home caregiver for your parents, but how exactly should you bring it up to them? Only you have an idea of how your parent will react when presented with in-home care, but here are a few tips to navigate what might be some strange and upsetting waters.

Don’t Take Away Their Independence

One of the biggest fears for an elderly person is the loss of their independence. They’ve been on their own for several decades, and they may feel that their freedom is being taken away when you bring up in-home assistance. Try to show the positives of a caregiver, and how that person will actually allow them to be more independent. With in-home assistance, your parents will stay in their home where they feel the most comfortable. They won’t answer to anyone else like they might if they lived in an elderly care facility. There are many ways to help them feel more secure with a caregiver in their home.

Try a Guilt Trip

Parents are parents because they’ve always put their children first. If you are truly concerned for their safety and health, then tell them exactly how deep that concern runs. Are you worried they might hurt themselves, and you wouldn’t know until it was too late? Are you worried they might wander off in confusion and never be found? These are dire examples, but showing your parents just how scared you are for them might be the key to their acceptance.

Be Empathetic

Your parents might respond in anger or sadness when you bring up elderly home care. This is normal because they feel like their being told they’re weak and can’t be the adult they know they are. Show them understanding and acceptance of their feelings.

When you want a caring name for home care assistance near Mesa, AZ, call Endeavor Senior In-Home Care at (877) 584-6162. We’re here to make you and your loved ones feel secure and happy at home.