Jeanette Ellison Selected as Featured Alzheimer’s Care Contributing Expert at


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Jeanette Ellison Selected as Featured Alzheimer’s Care Contributing Expert at


(St. Louis, MO, June, 2012) LTC Expert Publications is proud to announce that Jeanette Ellison is the featured contributor this week on . contains articles and information specific to Alzheimer’s care, Alzheimer’s treatments, dementia care, and more.   All content is written by experts in the home care and assisted living industries.


“We have dozens of experts nationwide who are happy to share information and advice with those who are caring for a family member with Alzheimer’s disease. Many are home care agency owners who care for clients with Alzheimer’s disease daily. They know and understand the challenges of Alzheimer’s disease, and they deal with these challenges full time. We are sharing their expertise on this new website,” states Valerie VanBooven RN BSN, Co-Owner of LTC Expert Publications, and author of three books on senior care, elder care, and caregiving. will highlight and feature a different expert who will share tips and information on Alzheimer’s disease each week.


“We are honored to have Jeanette Ellison as an official featured expert. Her office in Phoenix, AZ provides home care services for the entire area.  She just submitted a new Alzheimer’s care article, “The Symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease: Why are We Fighting all of the Time? adds VanBooven.


Contact Jeanette and her staff at (480) 535-6800, or


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With Endeavor Home Care, you’re in charge. We listen to you and respond to your care preferences. You determine your schedule and daily activities. We’re there to lend a helping hand, ensure you’re safe, and help you to develop the strength and mobility that leads to greater independence.




Endeavor Home Care home care services include:


  • Joyful Companionship
  • Self-Care and Hygiene Assistance
  • Medication Reminders
  • Meal Planning and Cooking
  • Light Housekeeping
  • Transportation
  • Alzheimer’s Care
  • A complete home safety evaluation performed by our occupational therapist
  • Ongoing exercise programs developed by our occupational therapist
  • General assessment and oversight provided by our nurse
  • Hourly or 24/7 live-in care
  • A wide variety of additional services


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Navigating Elder Care In Fountain Hills, AZ: Learn The Difference Between Medicare, Medicaid, and Private Pay Options

Understanding where to turn for elder care services in Fountain Hills, AZ can be overwhelming, but understanding HOW elder care services are paid for, is even more complicated.

Here are some of the ways that elder care is paid for.


• Seniors age 65 and older qualify for Medicare. Without getting too technical, Medicare only pays for skilled care.
• Skilled care means that the care must be ordered by a physician and provided by a licensed professional like a Registered Nurse, Licensed Practical Nurse, Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist, etc.
• The person receiving home health care under Medicare must be “homebound” (meaning they aren’t leaving the house to go to the grocery).
• The care will not be 24/7 care, and will probably only result in short visits periodically throughout the week or month.

Medicaid: (Medi-Cal in California)

You may be eligible for benefits through Medicaid. Medicaid programs vary by state, so you will need to check with your state Medicaid office for more information.
• Eligibility: People with disabilities are eligible in every state. In some states, people with disabilities qualify automatically if they get Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits. In other states you may qualify depending on your income and resources (financial assets).
• “Buy-Ins”: Some states also have “buy-in” programs that allow people with disabilities with incomes above regular Medicaid limits to enroll in the Medicaid program. Children with disabilities can qualify for Medicaid either under these disability-related rules, or based on family income.
• Expansion in 2014. Starting in 2014, the Affordable Care Act will expand the Medicaid program to cover people under age 65, including people with disabilities, with income of about $15,000 for a single individual (higher incomes for couples and families with children).
• Help for disabled people: This expansion helps low-income adults who have disabilities but don’t meet the disability requirements of the SSI program. The expansion also helps those whose income is above their state’s current eligibility levels.

To learn more about your state Medicaid program and other options available to you, use the insurance and coverage finder or visit

Private Pay:

• Paying for care through private funds, including checking, savings, investments.
• Using Long-Term Care Insurance
• Using VA Aid and Attendance Pension Benefit

In order to know how your family might pay for elder care, talk to us for guidance and information.

When researching options for elder care agencies in Fountain Hills AZ, home care counselors at Endeavor Home Care are available to talk with you about your elder care needs including how to reduce caregiver stress while providing better, affordable care. We are an elder care agency providing home care in Fountain Hills, AZ.

Senior Care in Mesa, AZ: New Technology Lets Older Americans Live at Home Longer

A new web-based platform for home care agencies is utilizing iPads/tablets, cell phones, and the latest software technology to help seniors live at home as long as possible. ClearCare connects professional home care providers with everyone else involved in a client’s home care, including seniors themselves and their family members, local and distant.

CEO Geoffrey Nudd founded ClearCare out of personal experience in 2010. “We faced the acute difficulties of caring for my grandmother from far away. Over 90% of seniors want to stay at home, and it’s the most cost effective approach. But with our family’s needs, all we could get was essentially caregiver staffing. The challenges my grandmother faced – and that we faced as family caregivers – were much broader, and we couldn’t get the help we needed.”

So he developed ClearCare, a comprehensive home care platform that is now available to home care agencies for $10 per patient per month. More than 150 agencies across the nation are now running their operations on the service.

For the first time, ClearCare provides agencies with real-time visibility to what the caregiver is doing in the home so that they can manage and oversee care. Additionally, family members near and far can log on for real-time updates on their loved ones. The point-of-care system integrates seamlessly into a comprehensive back office system for the agencies, which has ensured rapid uptake and usage. The system allows agencies to comprehensively manage their entire businesses as efficiently as possible while raising the standard of care.

According to Lucy Andrews, the system reduces administration and oversight costs by streamlining communication with her staff. “If a worker misses a shift, I know immediately, and I can instantly distribute a group text message to all of my appropriately-skilled caregivers requesting back-up for that shift. And it allows me and my staff to see instantly what’s happening in the home.”

ClearCare is growing rapidly today, due to its unique integration of professional home care providers with all other care partners, and the fact that it provides the kind of technology that is increasingly in demand by seniors and caregivers alike: 

More than 43 million Americans serve as unpaid caregivers for adults age 50 and older, and nearly one in four say they have a difficult time coordinating care, according to a 2009 study by the National Alliance for Caregiving in collaboration with AARP. 

A report published in 2008 by AARP showed that both seniors and family caregivers seek new technology products as way to keep themselves or their loved ones living at home as long as possible. 

According to a 2011 study by UnitedHealth Group, technology to assist seniors and caregivers in the home is a rapidly expanding industry. The study found that there are three technologies that caregivers are most receptive to – personal health record tracking, a caregiving coordination system, and a medication support system – all of which are part of ClearCare.

Continue reading here

When researching options for senior care agencies in Mesa AZ, home care counselors at Endeavor Home Care are available to talk with you about your senior care needs including how to reduce caregiver stress while providing better, affordable care. We are an elder care agency providing senior care in Mesa, AZ.

Home Care in Scottsdale, AZ: Helps Clients with Congestive Heart Failure – Keeping them Safe and Healthy!

As stated by the American Heart Association, CHF in essence means that the heart is too weak to pump enough blood throughout the body. While this can happen as a result of a heart defect or heart attack, it may also occur if the heart muscle becomes weaker over time on account of weight gain, continued inactivity and other reasons.

When the heart cannot pump blood through the body well, the kidneys do not get enough blood as a result, which means that less fluid exits the body through urine. This extra fluid can then collect in the lungs, around the eyes, in the liver and the legs. The collection of extra fluid is congestion, hence the term ‘congestive heart failure’.


Patients with congestive heart failure generally get weary very easily and may seem short of breath a lot. Additionally, individuals may always seem to gain weight due the fluid collection throughout the body.

Other problems include frequent urination, coughing, loss of appetite, sudden weight gain, especially in the ankles and feet, and a rapid heartbeat. Since these problems may be similar to other health problems, a medical professional should make a proper diagnosis if congestive heart failure is assumed.


More often than not, a doctor will order a diuretic, which boosts the frequency of urination to help remove the excess fluid from the body. Additionally, medication that helps relax the blood vessels can help the heart pump more efficiency and another medication can help the heart use more force in pumping. Ask your physician for strategies for the proper medications for you or a loved one who has congestive heart failure.

home care Assistance

Many times, elderly patients with congestive heart failure may benefit from home care services since they are often weak, tired and out of breath. There is also regular diet, blood pressure, weight and pulse monitoring that should take place on a daily basis.

A private duty home care service can help the patient with basic tasks around the house and monitor their symptoms. They can also assist with medication reminders.

Furthermore, a home care companion can help improve the client’s way of life by encouraging plenty of rest and staying off their feet for regular amounts of time every day.

However, since the senior should also participate in a low-impact exercise program, a home care worker can help get the patient out of the home every day for a nice walk or follow other activity ideas made by their medical doctor.

One more advantage of hiring a home care worker for a patient with congestive heart failure is that the home care provider can monitor the senior’s diet, decreasing salt content and encouraging a healthy diet with plenty of fruit, vegetables and protein. Foods high in magnesium and potassium may be beneficial for heart patients.

Frequently, a physician will highly recommend restricted fluids for a congestive heart failure patient and this is something that the home care worker can monitor, as well as encouraging the right type and amount of liquids to drink.

Documenting the patient’s weight daily can help track how the patient’s fluid retention is progressing, as well as regular blood pressure monitoring on a daily basis.

Additionally, a home care worker can remind the senior to take medications as prescribed. Any symptoms or worsening of the condition, or other infections, illnesses or problems that may worsen CHF can be monitored and reported promptly to the health practitioner as needed.

Get Help

If you or a loved one have been diagnosed with congestive heart failure, consider hiring home care services. There are many benefits for congestive heart failure patients, including proper daily care, reminders about medication and vitamins, following of the proper diet and recommendations for exercise and rest. While many patients can do a good job of taking care of themselves, a home careprovider can help improve the patient’s quality of life and may even help extend it!

When researching options for home care agencies in Scottsdale AZ, home care counselors at Endeavor Home Care are available to talk with you about your home care needs including how to reduce caregiver stress while providing better, affordable care. We are an elder care agency providing home care in Scottsdale AZ.

Senior Care in Phoenix, AZ: The Aging Boomers Radio Show Interviews Seniors who Discuss the Challenges and Solutions of Aging

“The Aging Boomers” is a weekly Radio Show discussing the 3 top concerns of the Aging Population including:

1. Physical Health 
2. Financial Health 
3. Mental Health

Frank Samson, founder of Senior Care Authority, developed “The Aging Boomers” three years ago to help educate the public, including adult children and seniors. The show feature experts in various areas relative to the issues boomers and their parents are confronted with on an everyday basis including senior care, nutrition, insurance, financial and estate planning. Samson has interviewed assisted living and nursing home executives; authors on subject matters such as Alzheimer’s and heart disease: and senior care professionals such as geriatric care managers, senior move managers and representatives from in-home care companies.

“There are so many issues affecting the aging population and it’s imperative to educate seniors as well as those whose loved ones are faced with issues and challenges as they age,” Samson said. “It was time to bring the very people we talk about on the show…the seniors themselves,” he continued.

Samson did just that. He asked Gene Osegueda, who not only faces health issues himself but was also caring for his loving wife who had Alzheimer’s disease. Together with Gene on the show was Greta Bebrard who was an athlete for many years but now was faced with caregivers providing her assistance at home on a regular basis. As was stated during the introduction of his guests, “you’re now going to hear it directly from the horses mouth.”

The Aging Boomers can be listened to LIVE by going to or in the Sonoma Valley on 91.3 FM. All recorded shows are listed on Senior Care Authority’s website at The show airs every Monday: 
2-3pm PT, 
3-4pm MT 
4-5pm CST 
5-6pm ET

When researching options for Senior care agencies in Phoenix AZ, home care counselors at Endeavor Home Care are available to talk with you about your Senior care needs including how to reduce caregiver stress while providing better, affordable care. We are an elder care agency providing home care in Phoenix AZ.

Home Care Services in Phoenix, AZ: Keep High Blood Pressure in Order

High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, is a serious illness, particularly for  senior citizens. To keep it at reasonable levels, careful monitoring and taking the right medications is important. These activities can sometimes be easily forgotten, no matter how old a person is.

Hiring home care services can assist seniors with high blood pressure levels to take better care of themselves by keeping their disease in balance.

Home care services are not “skilled nursing services”. Companions, CNAs and Home Health Aides cannot administer medications or make medical diagnoses. What they can do for seniors is help remind them to take their medications.

For a problem like blood pressure, medication reminders can be essential.

While out and about, home care service providers can help the senior to keep track of his or her blood pressure by using the automatic blood pressure cuffs found in pharmacies.

Blood pressure checks can conveniently be added into a trip to pick up a prescription or to the grocery store. Even day-to-day blood pressure checks can help the senior know if his or her blood pressure medication is working correctly.

Some seniors acquire automated blood pressure cuffs in their own home. These can be acquired at a practical cost at any local pharmacy or drug store. The in-home care agency can help the senior with daily blood pressure monitoring and recording at home.

Seniors with high blood pressure should find assistance in keeping their condition manageable. Without control, the original symptoms the senior felt before going on medication may appear. These symptoms may include: dizziness, nosebleeds, shortness of breath, blurred vision, or headaches. Such symptoms are only warning signs of more serious problems that could arise from uncontrolled high blood pressure levels.

Some of the most extreme consequences of uncontrolled hypertension in the elderly are heart attacks and strokes. The constantly high force of the blood on the walls of the arteries serving the heart or the brain become weak and may burst, causing the heart attack or stroke. These are potentially deadly circumstances, which might be prevented by the senior taking his or her medication and having regular blood pressure checks.

High blood pressure causes many problems with the body, and as people age, the chances of these problems happening may increase, especially if the person has suffered from high blood pressure for many years. Preventing future problems from high blood pressure depends on regular monitoring and taking the doctor-prescribed medicine as directed.

A home care service provider can help a senior remember to take much needed medications, possibly saving his or her life by avoiding the deadly consequences of uncontrolled hypertension.

When researching options for home care services in Phoenix AZ, home care counselors at Endeavor Home Care are available to talk with you about your in-home care needs including how to reduce caregiver stress while providing better, affordable care. We are an elder care agency providing home care in Phoenix AZ.

Why In-Home Care in Phoenix, AZ May be Right for You

In-Home Care is rapidly becoming the most commonly asked for service among today’s aging population. In-Home Care involves a network of service providers who deliver personal care and maintenance right to the home. These service providers handle routine tasks including light housekeeping, meal preparation, errand running, mail sorting and a whole lot more. If desired, they can also provide assistance with personal care. Besides the elderly, In-Home Care is a wonderful service for new mothers and those with a short-term disability or illness. 

If you’re wondering whether In-Home Care makes sense, then consider this: 

It’s Convenient 
Companies providing In-Home Care are springing up all across the country to meet the needs of the huge numbers of aging individuals so finding a reputable company is easy. When you meet with the contracted In-Home Care service provider, together you’ll work out a visitation schedule and a list of duties the provider will perform. That ensures the care you receive is personalized to meet your exact needs as well as your schedule. 

It’s Comfortable 
Because the In-Home Care provider comes to your home, you’re able to continue living independently, in familiar surroundings. It doesn’t matter whether you’re feeling ill or well, there’s something comforting about being in your home. An added benefit is that your In-Home Care service provider gives you something your life may be lacking – companionship. That’s right. You can have someone taking care of your home, your personal care and your need for company. In additon, there are many organizations that offer additional in-home services such as Medical Alert System – which provides medical alert systems to seniors and disabled persons with an aim to promote independent living. 

It’s Cost-Effective 
Dollar for dollar, you get real value when you contract the services of an In-Home Care provider. You have someone on whom you can rely to handle all the tedious tasks involved with living on your own. You won’t have to contract separately with an errand service, a personal chef, a housekeeper, a nutritionist, and someone to help you get out and about. Think of all the time you’ll save and all the money, too. 

It’s Secure 
With so many In-Home Care companies clamoring for your business and all making the same promises, how do you know if the company will actually live up to its claims? More importantly, how will you know which ones are honest? It’s sad but true that for as many reputable companies there are serving the elderly, there’s that many more that have been set up as a front to pull off the latest scam. Before contacting an In-Home Care company, first check to see if it’s insured, licensed and bonded. That’s the best way you have of protecting yourself and your home. 

It’s Peace of Mind 
Many children of aging parents choose In-Home Care because it gives them peace of mind. With their own lives to live, oftentimes in completely different states, many adult children can’t regularly pop-in to check on their parents and tend to their needs. With an In-Home Care service provider doing the checking, families are regularly updated as to the well-being of their parents. That alone is worth the price!

When researching options for in-home care agencies in Phoenix AZ, home care counselors at Endeavor Home Care are available to talk with you about your in-home care needs including how to reduce caregiver stress while providing better, affordable care. We are an elder care agency providing home care in Phoenix AZ.

Home Care Phoenix: Don’t Forget- Honor the Seniors in Your Life- May is Older American’s Month!

May is Older Americans Month, a terrific occasion to exhibit our admiration for the older adults in our neighborhoods.

Since 1963, neighborhoods across the country have come together to celebrate Older Americans Month—a very proud tradition that displays our country’s loyalty to acknowledging the influences and successes of older Americans.

The topic for Older Americans Month 2012, “Never Too Old to Play…” inspires older Americans to continue to be involved, active and involved in their own lives and in their communities.

Here are some creative ideas for Older American’s Month:

Brain Activities

Older adults may experience multiple changes in the structure and activity of the brain that can affect how we move and think. But developing studies show that specific actions can teach and spark the brain, bettering its efficiency and potentially even decreasing the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. While we do not know which specific daily activities may be of benefit, the ones mentioned below are fun ways to engage your brain.

Consider offering some of these events for Older Americans Month:

Trivia competition. You’re never too old to play trivia! It’s a great way to bring together older adults and their younger friends and neighbors for a couple of hours of fun and discovery. As a featured activity for Older Americans Month 2012, AoA has developed a team trivia game for your Day of Play. Players will exercise their minds in a 90-minute competition, where intergenerational groups of four to six people gather to answer trivia questions about culture, major events, and sports.

Crossword puzzles. Crossword puzzles are excellent mental exercises. In the spirit of Older Americans Month, AoA has developed a series of crossword puzzles that you can print and distribute to Day of Play participants.

Traditional games. Games like Scrabble, bridge, and pokeno are timeless classics and have the potential to be fun intergenerational games. Hold a game night and invite participants to form teams to play these traditional games. Provide a venue, a few decks of cards, a handful of board games, and let the good times roll!

Continuing education/speaker series. Talk to the older adults you work with and find out what topics interest them. A speaker series as part of your Day of Play might include local professors, authors or others expert in their fields giving presentations on the topics of greatest interest.
To learn more about brain health, please visit:

National Institutes of Health, National Institute on Aging Memory/Cognitive Health

Alzheimer’s Association: Brain Health

Take care of the seniors in your life and celebrate National Older American’s Month!

Endeavor Home Care is a home care company servicing Phoenix Arizona and the surrounding areas. Please call us at (480) 535-6800 if you or someone you love is thinking about home care services in the Phoenix area.