How to Live to 100 – Health Lecture Series

How to live 100

Are you interested in living longer?

Luck and genetics pay a role in our quest for longevity. However, did you know there is evidence that the choices you make during your life will determine who lives longer and who has the best quality of life? Join us and learn the secrets to how you may be able to add time and quality to your life.

The Endeavor Cognitive Health Lecture Series continues on Thursday, October 27, 2016 from 5:30–7:30pm at the Scottsdale Mustang City Library (10101 North 90th Street, Scottsdale, AZ 85258). Brian Browne will be providing a lecture that will help you learn more from an industry expert on health and aging well. This FREE lecture is open to the public and there will be light refreshments served.

Alzheimer’s/Dementia Care Phoenix

Our lecture speaker, Brian Browne MS, CSA, has been providing medical education workshops in communities around the country to directly bring resources where they are needed most. He is the Director of Education and Outreach at Banner Research and is the President of Dementia Care Education. He has expertise in healthy aging and cultural competency in healthcare and research.


The Endeavor team is happy to help bring this lecture series to the public and welcomes anyone interested in receiving more information on this topic. There is limited space available so please RSVP by calling 480-498-2324.


Senior Care services

At Senior In-Home Care, we provide families with licensed, experienced in-home caregivers who provide a range of valuable services to those with illnesses, injuries, dementia, and mobility problems. Our senior in-home caregivers offer companionship, post-surgery support, physical disability support, dementia care, and assistance with daily meal preparation, medication reminders, and light housework.

Each one of our elderly in-home caregivers is carefully screened to ensure they are a perfect fit for our clients. Each senior in-home caregiver must have a valid, up-to-date certification as a home health aide, nurse’s assistance, or medical technician. All of our elderly in-home caregivers must also be CPR and first aid certified. In addition, anyone providing homecare assistance must undergo TB testing. Last but not least, our in-home caregivers undergo thorough background checks to ensure that they do not have any financial or legal problems that would put your family at risk.

If you’re interested in learning more about how we recruit and hire our talented elderly in-home caregivers near Chandler, AZ, come see us at Endeavor Senior In-Home Care. We can quickly find a home caregiver who is the right fit for you and your family. To schedule an appointment, call us today at (877) 584-6162.


If you are acting as an in-home caregiver for your loved one, you must be sure to take care of yourself as well in order to avoid in-home caregiver burnout. Being a senior in-home caregiver can be demanding, exhausting, and confusing. Family members who provide homecare assistance to loved ones can begin neglecting their own needs in favor of meeting those of their loved one.

Watch this video to learn about the early warning signs of home caregiver burnout. Three experienced senior in-home caregivers discuss their experiences providing homecare assistance to clients.

If you are ready to hire a professional home caregiver near Gilbert, AZ, come see us at Endeavor Senior In-Home Care. We provide experienced, talented in-home caregivers to families with a variety of needs and goals. To schedule an appointment or ask questions, call us today at (877) 584-6162.


Despite the best intentions to provide in-home care for a loved one with Alzheimer’s, struggles to understand what the disease is really like can lead to frustration. In this video, see what happens when someone providing home care for a loved with Alzheimer’s disease finds out what it is really like to experience the symptoms.

By simulating the mental confusion of Alzheimer’s disease, as well as vision problems and arthritis that are common in seniors, this son who was caring for his mother with the disease experienced the challenges and isolation himself. Researchers are able to provide these experiences to those providing elderly home care to increase understanding and reducing frustration.

At Endeavor Senior In-Home Care, we can help your family provide the compassionate senior in-home care in Phoenix, AZ, that he or she deserves. Find out more by calling (877) 584-6162.


Elder Care Services

Meeting the home care needs of a loved one is challenging for families. Fortunately, Endeavor Senior In-Home Care is here to help. We provide qualified, in-home assistance for a variety of care needs, from dementia care to companionship. If you are looking for home care assistance in the greater Phoenix area, here are some of the services we offer that could meet your needs.

Companionship Care

Loneliness is a serious health concern for seniors, but family members aren’t always able to be as present as they would like because of other responsibilities. Our senior companions can stop by and visit your loved one each day to help with things like meal preparation, transportation, and light housekeeping. They can even provide medical reminders and grooming assistance and participate in your loved one’s favorite hobbies. Companionship care is offered as a standalone service or can be combined with other in-home care services as needed.

Dementia Care

Caring for a loved one with dementia can be overwhelming, but help is available. Our dementia caregivers are trained in meeting the specific needs of these patients and can provide both care and emotional support to sufferers and their families. With our help, your loved one can maintain as much independence as possible, which eases agitation and paranoia, while family members can concentrate on enjoying their loved one instead of feeling overwhelmed by the constant demands of dementia care.

Post-Surgical Care

The transition from the hospital to home after surgery can be difficult, and proper care during this period is an essential part of recovery. Our aides can be there to help your loved one focus on getting well after a surgical procedure without the need for family members to take off from work or worry about leaving a loved one home alone when his or her mobility may be reduced.

Endeavor Senior In-Home Care offers these services and a range of others so that families can put together the appropriate in-home care assistance in Scottsdale, AZ and beyond for their loved one’s needs. Call us today at (877) 584-6162 and learn more about in-home care.


Elder Person

Seniors who are veterans may be able to take advantage of the VA Aid & Attendance Program to cover the costs of a number of in-home care needs. This VA pension benefit pays for basic in-home care, in-home assistance with daily needs—such as meal preparation and housekeeping, and in-home care for dementia and Parkinson’s disease. This pension benefits also applies to spouses of veterans.

To qualify for the VA Aid & Attendance Program, you or your spouse must be over 65 and have served in WWII, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, or the Gulf War. The VA approves all benefits independent of care agencies, but once they are granted, veterans and their spouses can use these benefits to pay for up to 20 hours of care services per week as well as expenses related to care.

Endeavor Senior In-Home Care is pleased to take part in this important program for our nation’s veterans. For a free assessment of your eligibility for this benefit for in-home care in Phoenix, AZ, call us today at (877) 584-6162.


Elder Care

There is no such thing as the “perfect family”; to some extent, all families experience some degree of dysfunction. Unfortunately, when one or two elderly parents need an increasing level of care, dysfunction that had been buried for years often rises to the surface and creates problems among siblings and other family members. To deal appropriately with the challenges of arranging for senior in-home care, it’s necessary for families to set aside past differences and to speak honestly about present-day challenges.

Discuss the Challenges Openly

Disagreements often arise from misinformation. One classic example occurs when one sibling carries the burden of caring for the aging parents, while the other siblings or other family members assume that the caregiving tasks are minimal and easily managed. It’s often up to the primary family caregiver to help other family members to fully understand the challenges. A family meeting may be in order, during which the family caregiver ought to provide examples of challenges and let the other family members know how often these challenges arise.

Agreeing on a Course of Action

Once everyone is on the same page regarding the current situation, it’s often easier to work toward an agreement about what ought to be done. Quite often, family caregivers find that as their loved one’s care needs increase, the caregiver’s capacity to meet these needs declines. The family caregiver should clearly explain that he or she is no longer capable of providing this level of care and that to maintain the aging parents’ independence, senior in-home care services are necessary.

Share Updates Regularly

Senior in-home care lifts the burden from families, which allows them to focus on the quality of the relationship with the aging parents. If other family members live far away or are otherwise unable to visit regularly, the family member who does regularly visit and keep in contact with the agency caregiver should share regular updates with the others. This can be as simple as a weekly e-mail that lets other family members know that mom and dad are doing well.

When your aging loved one requires home care assistance in the Phoenix, AZ area, your family can trust Endeavor In-Home Senior Care. Our compassionate caregivers provide a comprehensive array of senior in-home care services, including specialized care for individuals with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Call (877) 584-6162 with any questions you may have.


Non Medical Home Care

Dealing with aging parents can be a challenging period in one’s life. This period of role-reversal may often seem like an extra full-time job, especially if you don’t have any siblings to help you share the burden. That’s why in-home assistance is a great option for many seniors. However, hiring in-home care can be tricky when only one of your parents needs additional assistance. Keep reading for some advice on what to do in this situation.

Assign Responsibilities

If you have only one parent who needs care, your other parent may feel that they are capable of taking care of their spouse alone. However, there are likely many tasks that your healthy parent may not be able to perform safely in old age. Bathing your other parent and keeping track of specific medications may be too physically and mentally taxing for your aging parent. In order to help your healthy parent feel that they are still participating in care for their spouse, assign them do-able, but important, tasks. For example, your healthy parent can assist in reading to your other parent, or doing interactive activities such as puzzles and card games. Assign more critical tasks to a home care assistant.

Frame the Situation

If one of your parents is hesitant about hiring senior at-home care, try to frame the situation as positively as possible. Emphasize how in-home care can improve your other parent’s safety, health, and quality of life. Be frank and upfront about your parent’s capabilities, but refrain from framing his or her abilities in a negative light. Above all, maintain the point of view that the aim is to help your more needy parent remain in stable condition.

Are you looking for senior in-home assistance near Phoenix, AZ? Endeavor Senior In-Home Care offers experienced and qualified caregivers to help your parents get the help they need. Call (877) 584-6162 today to find out if in-home care is a good fit for you and your elderly parents.


Elder Care Phoenix

Is one of your parents experiencing significant memory loss? It can be emotionally difficult to deal with a parent’s memory loss, which may result from conditions requiring in-home assistance or hospitalization. However, it can often be even more challenging for children to understand their grandparent’s condition. Read on for information about talking to your kids about their grandparent’s memory loss.

Be Honest

Be honest with your children about their grandparent’s condition, and refrain from sugarcoating the situation or offering hope that your parent will improve. Instead, try to give your children a brief summary of what is going on in your parent’s brain. Your child will likely have many questions. They may be worried that the disease is contagious or that you will also develop memory loss. Be patient and firm with your answers, and let your child know that although things are different, they will still be okay.

Be Supportive

Children may react to a grandparent’s memory loss in a variety of ways. Understand that your child may react in what seems to be an irrational way, and give your child support when needed. Most importantly, provide them with a safe space to express their feelings and let them know that what they are feeling may seem confusing, but is totally normal.

Spend Time Together

During this time of confusion, it’s a good idea to spend time together as a family when possible. Do activities that help your child take his or her mind off of the situation while also making him or her feel safe and loved. You could go for a walk together after visiting their grandparent at the hospital, read a book together, or draw a family tree to celebrate their grandparent’s history.

If your elderly parents are experiencing memory loss, they may need in-home assistance in Mesa, AZ. Home care assistance can provide you with some extra time to help your children cope with their grandparents’ memory loss. Call Endeavor Senior In-Home care today at 877-584-6162 for more information.


Elder Care Services

Companion care is a form of senior in-home assistance that allows an older person to maintain their independence while having valuable assistance with tasks that may be difficult for them. For example, a home care assistance companion may take care of grocery shopping and meal preparation to ensure that the older individual is eating healthily and heartily. An elderly companion can also perform light cleaning around the house that can be too physically demanding for older individuals.

Elderly companion services are great for those whose in-home care needs are basic. And they’re called “companion” services for a reason. An in-home care companion can help elderly individuals socialize with their friends by providing transportation and activity suggestions. They can also participate in craft creation and other hobbies that the elderly person may miss out on when he or she is alone.

Do you know someone who could benefit from in-home assistance near Phoenix, AZ? Endeavor Senior In-Home Care’s elderly companion services are a great option for older individuals who want to retain their independence. Call (877) 584-6162 to learn more about hiring an elderly companion.