Healthy Senior Man in GYM

Exercise—The Secret Parkinson’s Disease Treatment

Healthy Senior Man in GYMThe results of remaining physically active throughout the aging process are considerable. However, for people with Parkinson’s, it could truly be a game-changer in the progression of the disease. Several recent studies are uncovering direct links between exercise and Parkinson’s, such as the largest clinical study up to now, in which patients who exercised a minimum of 2½ hours weekly obtained a higher quality of life than those who refrained from physical exercise—and that’s only the beginning when it comes to exercise as a Parkinson’s disease treatment. Read more

Senior man eating vegetables on patio

What is the Best Diet for Brain Health in Seniors?

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Senior man eating vegetables on patio

The interesting research of the latest AARP study is in: those who maintain a healthy diet are twice as apt to consider their mental acuity to be very good or excellent in comparison to those who rarely eat well. In particular, a diet full of fish, vegetables and fruits equated to higher brain health. Read more

Senior Man Exercising Outdoors with Dumbells

The Rules Have Changed for Exercise Over 50

Senior Man Exercising Outdoors with DumbellsGrowing old requires adjusting to a variety of changes, and the way we care for our bodies is among the most significant ones. We realize the necessity of staying physically active, but might not know that the old tried-and-true physical techniques we’ve long utilized ought to be modified for exercise over 50, because of increasing injuries, pain in muscles and joints, as well as general fatigue. For example: Read more