Elder Care Services

Companion care is a form of senior in-home assistance that allows an older person to maintain their independence while having valuable assistance with tasks that may be difficult for them. For example, a home care assistance companion may take care of grocery shopping and meal preparation to ensure that the older individual is eating healthily and heartily. An elderly companion can also perform light cleaning around the house that can be too physically demanding for older individuals.

Elderly companion services are great for those whose in-home care needs are basic. And they’re called “companion” services for a reason. An in-home care companion can help elderly individuals socialize with their friends by providing transportation and activity suggestions. They can also participate in craft creation and other hobbies that the elderly person may miss out on when he or she is alone.

Do you know someone who could benefit from in-home assistance near Phoenix, AZ? Endeavor Senior In-Home Care’s elderly companion services are a great option for older individuals who want to retain their independence. Call (877) 584-6162 to learn more about hiring an elderly companion.

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