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As your parents age, you might discover that you don’t have the time, skills, or resources to care for them yourself. If your parents need daily living assistance but don’t want to move out of their home, you should consider senior in-home care services. Here are some of the signs that you and your parents could benefit from hiring an in-home caregiver.

They are Neglecting Household Chores and Personal Hygiene

Whether your parents have chronic health or mobility problems, or are exhibiting early signs of dementia, it’s dangerous for them to neglect household chores or personal hygiene. If you notice that your parents’ home is becoming increasingly cluttered or dirty, or that they aren’t regularly bathing or grooming, they could benefit from elderly in-home care services. A home caregiver can assist with simple household chores like grooming and personal hygiene.

They’re Incapable of Making Nutritious Meals

As they age, your parents may find it difficult to read recipes, stand long enough to cook, or get to the grocery store to buy nutritious food. A lack of proper nutrition can lead to malnourishment, weight loss, and other dangerous health problems. A home caregiver can go grocery shopping for your parents, and prepare delicious, nutritious meals for them.

They are Increasingly Forgetful

If your parents are exhibiting progressively worsening memory problems, they are at risk of forgetting to pay bills, turn off appliances, lock their doors, eat, bathe, clean, or take important medications. All of these problems can put them in serious danger without professional intervention. A senior in-home care provider can provide medication reminders and assistance, and can help your parents manage other important tasks.

If you believe that your parents are in need of in-home assistance near Mesa, AZ, come see us at Endeavor In-Home Care. Our highly trained, educated, and experienced home caregivers can work closely with you to provide your parents with the level of compassionate in-home care services that they need. To learn more about our home care assistance services, call us today at (480) 498-2324.

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